PE and School Sports

 Statement for PE

At Capel we believe that Physical Education should inspire and challenge children and young people to experience the joy of movement, to develop positive attitudes both individually and as part of a group, and to enhance their quality of life through active living. This will give children and young people an important foundation for participation in experiences in physical activities and sport and in preparation for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. We aim for all children to take part in at least two hours of PE each week.

Please have a look at how we have spent the money the Government have provided to all schools to help provide a wide range of sporting activities for all students by following this link: Sports Grant Statement 2015

Dance Club Assembly March 2016




Mini Marathon 29 June 2015



Our children managed to complete 416 miles in total - an amazing result !

Sports Day 30 June 2015




And the winners were ..... Blue Team   Well done !