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Below you can read the parents Questionnaire from summer 2013

If you have any worries or concerns about your child please do contact us.

Your child's teacher is the first port of call;  the year leader or the headteacher are also happy to help.

If you have any concerns regarding the safeguarding of your child the designated member of staff is Mrs Wendy Kelway and the alternate is Mrs Mel Ratley-Haigh.  The Governor for safeguarding is Mrs Alison Huard.



Parents and Carers Survey Summer 2013 You can download this here

Thank you for your time in responding to our survey. Gathering your views is important to us because it informs us about what we need to do to improve the home school relationship, address parental concerns or misconceptions and is generally a measure of how well we are doing.

This summer there was a 32% response. Non responses are considered to be positive responses.

Below is the summary of the outcomes. One response stated it was based on historic information.

Main points

The response was overwhelmingly positive about the school and the experiences it provides for your children.

‘My son loves school and I think it is a great community.’

‘My daughter absolutely loves school and is achieving so much and so well.’

‘I am pleased with the schooling of my child.’

‘It has been lovely to see so many smiley teachers.’

‘Since moving to Capel my daughter has been welcomed, encouraged and she has thoroughly enjoyed her first year in school.’

‘Very pleased with my daughter’s progress so far. I am pleased I chose Capel School and not another one.’

‘Overall the school is a well rounded good environment and place for education.’

‘The nursery here is excellent.’

Areas for us to review

  • Home work
  • Free clubs
  • Lunchtime  

Thank you all for this snap shot of our school.

Ofsted have a website for you to add your responses to as well. It is called ‘Parent View’ and can be found at: