Menu April 2017

Catering welcomes parents and pupils of Capel St Mary Primary School, with a brief introduction to the school meal service:-

Our kitchen has been awarded a 5 star rating from the local borough council in an annual environmental audit for an exceptionally clean and hygienic kitchen

         Daily Menu

  1. At least 2 main courses are available each day
  2. Including a vegetarian option
  3. Potatoes, pasta, rice or bread rolls (relevant to accompany main course)
  4. 2 freshly prepared vegetable dishes
  5. Salad bar freshly prepared each day
  6. Homemade bread is freely available
  7. Choice of homemade desserts, jelly, yogurts, cheese and biscuits or fresh fruit available daily
  8. 75% of our dishes are homemade, prepared on site each day
  9. All meat produce is farm assured, locally sourced and prepared especially for Suffolk schools i.e.: sausages and pork with apple burgers
  10. We use only free range eggs

The 4 weekly cycle of seasonal menu’s for summer and winter are nutritionally analysed – meeting all government food standards and nutritional guidelines

  1. The cost per meal is £2.30 for pupils and £3.47 for adults (inc VAT)
  2. It is now easier to apply confidentially for free school meals. For link visit our website or phone 0845 6066173
  3. As many of you may know, Reception and Years 1 and 2 children now have Free School Meals.  Our kitchen have coped well and we have over 90% uptake on a daily basis.  The children are reading through the menu with their parents and choosing what they want to eat. 

Free school Meals

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